"Bandbreite" — Every Apple Watch band ever released

Filip Chudzinski
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*** Please note, the update with both Pride Edition bands (2022) will be available on June 6th, 2022 at the latest.

You're passionate about Apple Watch bands? 
There's an aesthetically pleasing chart for that.

The chart includes every Apple Watch band Apple —and its official partners Nike and Hermès— released since April 2015 on seven single pages. A total of more than 550 bands are organized by type and colour, with information about its release date and model number added to a high-res image of the band.

Additionally, you will get the same chart on one page if you prefer continuous scrolling.

Please note, that I will not save or use your email address for any purpose. Your download, and upcoming updates of the chart, are available on Gumroad for you anytime if you choose to create an account.

Version 3.95; April 6, 2022



34 ratings
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  • 1 multi-page PDF, and 1 single-page PDF
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"Bandbreite" — Every Apple Watch band ever released

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